Tim Corwin
John Baker
David Haag
Jeff Burgess
Guy Hoffman
Warren Sawyer
Copyright 2012, The Original Ohio Express, Inc
email : theohioexpress@yahoo.co,
The Ohio Express, This Band of Dynamic Professional, Experienced Musicians & Cleopatra Records, Featured Recording Artists are the perfect choice for your next event. Their song list includes Ohio Express Gold Record Hits, like Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Chewy, Chewy, & features their new releases like Goody, Goody, and songs by Eddie Money, 10 Years After, The Beatles, & Neil Young, Grand Funk Rail Road, & more Rock Greats....with a song list including Brandy, Hush, Reeling In The Years, Cinnamon Girl, Drive My Car, Come Sail Away, Kicks, Never Been Any Reason, American Band and many more top selling hits, this band with two keyboard artists, dynamic percussions, driving bass guitar, awesome lead guitar, and six part harmonies, rocks with the best on the stage today ! They perform The Ohio Express's Gold Record Hits,
and then wow you with their renditions of contemporary, popular Rock & Roll chartbusters.
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Tim brings to the stage his dynamic personality and the experience afforded one that's been entertaining
audiences since he formed Sir Timothy & The Royals in the 60's. The band that was re-named The Ohio Express. Tim's exciting personality excites audiences as the M.C. & lead vocalist for the band.
John has been called a guitar players guitar player, as you will see when you hear him play. John's experience in rock bands is extensive and his performance shows that, with some outstanding lead guitar licks & riffs. John brings to the stage his unique voice and outstanding
vocal abilities.
Having been a musician most of his life, and now an excellent drummer, David excites audiences with his dynamic, exciting exact percussion artistry,
learned by performing his craft for
audiences since high school.
David adds his skilled voice to the band's six part harmonies.
Jeff is a master on the keyboards. He's naturally talented. Add his experience as a musician and entertainer and you have the ingredients for exciting melodies and keyboard artistry that's the nucleus for the Ohio Express. You'll also hear Jeff's dynamic alto voice highlighted by the band's harmonies.
Warren also is naturally talented and also has the experience of being a life-long musician. His keyboard artistry is excellent, and his guitar playing speaks for itself. Warren is a key member of this band and audiences will realize that when they hear him perform on the keyboards, guitar and effects. Warren is also a producer and mater vocalist.
Mr. Dynamic performing on stage and playing the bass guitar is Guy. Guy's a Rock & Roll veteran and this experience highlights his expertise. He's performed often for larger audiences, wowing them with his dynamic bass rythyms and riffs. His stage presence is awesome, and his vocals are that of a master.
Check out some outstanding riffs & harmonies in this "music byte" from "Reeelin' In The Years"